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Former state senator who once battled Fluff quits advocacy job over new sticky situation

Politico reports that Jarrett Barrios has resigned as president of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation over the way Barrios got the group involved in the debate over AT&T's takeover of T-Mobile.

GLAAD came out in favor of the takeover, currently undergoing anti-trust review, after the phone company made donations to GLAAD and other groups that don't normally speak out on telecommunications issues, such as the NAACP.

AT&T said it was simply recognizing diversity with its $50,000 check; a GLAAD spokesman managed to say with a straight face the takoever would advance the cause of gay rights because it "will increase functionality and speed, thus growing engagement and improving the effectiveness of the online advocacy work that is advancing equality for all."

Outside of his Somerville/Cambridge district, Barrios was perhaps best known for his ill fated attempt to ban native Fluff from school-lunch menus.

Barrios became GLAAD president in 2009.

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Next, Deval will make him a judge.

Have a fluffernutter, Skippy.

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Monopoly power enhances gay rights how?

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While running for state senate, he wore an American flag lapel pin (a la Dapper O'Neil) while campaigning in Everett. Then removed it when campaigning in Cambridge.

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