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Lab explosion at Charlestown Navy Yard injures one

At the explosion scene. Photo by Brandon Abbs.At the explosion scene. Photo by Brandon Abbs.

The Boston Fire Department reports something exploded inside a Mass. General lab at the Charlestown Navy Yard this afternoon, showering one worker with glass. The worker was taken to the hospital for treatment of the cuts. A firefighter also needed transport after hurting himself while getting some equipment from his truck.

Firefighters responded to 149 13th St. around 3 p.m.:

In a 6th floor lab, a lab tech was working with tetrazine when it caused some glassware to shatter.

The department says no hazardous chemicals were released, but that investigators continue to try to figure out what exactly happened.



Was a Fung Wah bus over there?

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I assume it was tetrazene, not tetrazine, if there was an explosion.

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