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Alexa knows Framingham

Sharon Machlis, who works on a Framingham events calendar, has created an Alexa "skill" that lets you find out what's going on in our soon-to-be-newest city 100% hands free:

Just say one time "Alexa, enable Framingham Events" to add it to your Alexa skill. Then, it can answer questions like "Alexa, ask Framingham Events what's happening today" or "Alexa, ask Framingham Events is anything going on next weekend?"

The Alexaless can see the calendar the old fashioned way.

Ed. note: For the technologically minded, Machlis reports she built the thing by customizing an Amazon-supplied node.js template, with some help from R, which she knows a thing or two about.


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"Alexa, Framingham events"

"Here's a fried egg recipe"

"No, Alexa, Framingham events"

"Playing songs by Lindsey Buckingham"

"No, Alexa, Framingham events"

"Do you want to make a reservation at the Flaming Wok?"

"Dammit! Alexa, Off"

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