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A Visit from St. Nicholas on the Mattapan Line

Composed by Tim Murphy, a Mattapan Line trolley driver and organizer of Friends of the Mattapan Line:

'Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the Pan,
Not a creature was stirring,
Not even Big Stan.

If you consider their age,
Their Holiday could be quite blue,
But the way these trolleys run,
You'd swear they were new.

At 72 years old now,
They're really quite rare,
That These run on nothing,
But Electricity and Air.

Despite it's 2.6 miles,
It's not just a jaunt,
They get people going,
From Mattapan to Ashmont.

All but 1 of the Trolleys are back now,
In the yard they will rest,
Another day is over,
These cars are the best.

With 1 car on the line,
Riders knew their fate,
They'd have no choice,
But to stand there and wait.

Just when they started,
To get cold, frigid and frail,
They heard a loud noise,
Further on down the Rail.

A trolley was approaching,
But wasn't the normal clickaty-clack,
The sounds of jingle bells ringing,
Was heard coming down the tracks.

They saw the driver,
And were excited to see,
It was Jolly Old St. Nick,
In his Christmas Trolley!

He rang his jingle bell,
And looped Mattapan,
With the skill and ease,
Of a tenured Journeyman.

He opened his doors,
And said with the warmest of smiles,
"All aboard my warm trolley,
for the next 2 and a half miles!"

He closed the door quick,
And to these riders he now led,
Got on the PA
And then he casually said,

"From Capen to Valley and,
Then on to Central,
The entire ride here,
Is really quite gentle."

Milton & Butler were next,
As the jolly old elf drove,
Pretty soon they'd pull up,
On the platform at Cedar Grove.

"Last stop is Ashmont!"
What more could he say?
"Merry Christmas to All"
had become quite cliche.

"Here is a great line
That was given to me
'Thanks for riding the High Speed Line,
And thanks for riding the T!'"

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Three outbreaks of thunder over the last 10-12 minutes here in Symphony/Northeastern. Haven't seen lightening yet but visibility practically nonexistent.

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And all the activists who saved the historic and safe Mattapan Line. Thanks to all the employees. My only complaint is that I miss talking to police officers who were very nice and let us use the restrooms and lobby of the police station at Mattapan station in frigid weather.

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I love it!!

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