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12-unit condo building wins approval for Westminster Avenue in Roxbury

The Board of Appeals today approved Dream Collaborative's plans to build a three-story, 12-unit residential building at 24 Westminster Avenue.

One of the units will be marketed as affordable; the rest will cost less than they might otherwise both because the units are smaller than typical new units today and because the lot was owned by the city's Department of Neighborhood Development. One-bedroom units will like go for "the low 200s," a company official told the zoning board. Half the units will have one bedroom; the rest three bedrooms.

The project calls for nine parking spaces.

The proposal was supported by the Garrison Trotter Neighborhood Association, the mayor's office and city councilors Kim Janey, Annissa Essaibi George, Michelle Wu and Michael Flaherty.

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Michael Flaherty actually supported a multi-unit development at the ZBA? I guess that only happens for projects outside of Southie.

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