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Area robbers freaking out over Black and Mild cigarillos

Black and Mild thief wanted in Medford

Medford Police have released photos of a masked man they say robbed the Shop & Go convenience store on Salem Street of Black and Mild cigarillos on Oct. 7.

Cambridge Police, meanwhile, report arresting a Cambridge man they say lifted a Black and Mild from a Mass. Ave. store - and threatened a store clerk - early on Oct. 18.

Although Black and Milds can be smoked right out of the plastic wrapper, some people prefer to "freak" them - by carefully removing the inner paper and tobacco and then either tamping the tobacco back in or replacing it with other herbivorous substances. Freaking has become common enough to become the subject of at least one academic research paper (in which the researchers watched YouTube videos on how to freak the cigarillos).

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This is 2018! Juuls is where it's at daddy-o

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Can’t smoke an eighth out of a jule bro. Unless you are “tapping” the pods with thc oil but that’s not worth your time for what you get.

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Grow your own, imbeciles. Mass grown's so good it used to be exported to Cuba.

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I'm guessing you mean herbaceous substances rather than herbivorous...

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Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

There were some older girls at my bus stop who were doing this with cigarillos in the late 1970s.

Old game, new name.

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