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Blue Line track has a crack

All those spiffy newish trains on the Blue Line don't do you much good when a piece of track cracks open like a tooth needing a crown. The T reports delays of up to 20 minutes due to cracked track near Maverick.

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There was a problem on the Blue Line this morning as well. I was stuck on the train for over half an hour due to some issue (the usual "signal problems") at Orient Heights. We need to dispel the myth that the Blue Line is the least problematic of the lines.It only seems so because nobody thinks about the Blue Line except those of us who ride it. Be honest, when was the last time you thought about Bowdoin Station? But for those of us who do ride it, it breaks down on a regular basis. What should be an easy jaunt of less than five minutes from Wood island to Aquarium is frequently a frustrating ordeal. At least the other lines have alternatives, and there is always the option to walk, either to your destination or another line. No such option with the Blue Line unless you can walk on water over the harbor. With the Blue Line you are literally captive.

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you have the SL3 as an alternative to get to South Station, or Massport bus to SL1, taxis or ferry.

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