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Boston-area Fans of the 1961 film West Side Story--Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!

The 1961 film West Side Story will be playing in selected movie theatres, nationwide, including the Greater Boston area. It will be aired on Sunday, June 24th, and on Wednesday, June 27th. Tickets can be purchased at the box offices of any of the selected movie theatres, or online using fathom events.com, fandango.com, or even on amazon.com.

The more people purchase tickets for this great, golden oldie-but-keeper of a classic movie-musical, the better it will be for this film. Hope I've been of some help here.



Can't wait!!

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I, my sister-in-law, and a long time good friend of mine attended last night's showing of the film West Side Story at the Regal Cinema Fenway, in Boston, and had a wonderful time. The print of West Side Story that was shown was absolutely pristine through and through, and the stadium-type seats were nice and comfortable, to boot. It's such a pleasure to see a great classic film as West Side Story on a great big, wide movie theatre screen, in a real movie theatre, exactly as it's truly meant to be viewed! I'll also be attending tomorrow night's screening of WSS as well.

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