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Brockton man dies in Expressway motorcycle crash

State Police report a Brockton man heading north on I-93 shortly before 2 a.m. lost control of his 2017 Suzuki GSXR between the Neponset Circle on-ramp and the Freeport Street off-ramp and crashed.

Responding troopers found Jose Lopes, 49, dead at the scene.

The crash remains under investigation.



Adam, It's not the Neponset Street on ramp. It's the Neponset Circle on ramp. Just saying!

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And even if you wanted to get a street name in, it would be Neponset Avenue, not Street. In any case, fixed.

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Adam, I know that the street name is Neponset Ave. I was just correcting the information. Although there is a Neponset Street off ramp on 95. I know you didn't mean that ramp.

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