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City, foundation to help students with financial issues graduate from local community colleges and UMass Boston

Mayor Walsh and a local philanthropic family are starting a fund to provide financial support to Boston students at certain local colleges who are nearing graduation but who might be forced to drop out because of financial hardships.

The Frieze Family Foundation will fund the first year of the GRAD Last Mile Fund, which will award grants of up to $2,500 to eligible students at Bunker Hill Community College, MassBay Community College, Roxbury Community College, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology and UMass Boston.

Candidates for GRAD Last Mile Fund scholarships must be Boston residents that are on track academically to graduate in the next semester and have a demonstrated financial need. Priority will be given to students who have not registered for their final semester or paid tuition by a pre-established cutoff date, have exhausted other sources of aid available, are undocumented and/or DACA students with limited options for financial assistance, and/or are parents and/or veterans.

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I applaud Martin and the family foundation. I also would like to suggest to some of these short on cash students to look into arrangements. I have had many friends both straight and gay use arrangements to help pay their tuition and lifestyle expenses. Fun fact, the best time ever for this was during the 2004 Democratic National Convention. So many of my college girlies were hooking up and going to elite parties with Democratic operatives, especially from deplorable states like Ohio, Wisconsin, PA and Michigan and Arkansass. (No, I don't know anyone who knows about Bill's moles....yuck)

Some suggestions:
seeking arrangement.com

It's a lot more fun and financially rewarding than serving cops and newspaper delivery guys at Dunkin's.
Don't be intimidated, not everyone is as beautiful as....others. There are lots of desperate men in the patriarchy.
Cash up front!

What would Cardi B do?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTR1o6SbYBI


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that Linda has thought of this a little late and the population who could be helped by the Mayor et al are already hustlin.'

it's not like prior generations have ever understood how to keep an economy running. hell, college is a special form of rape unto itself a lot of the time under the circumstances.

people will go back to the nourishing earth for......or the nourishing ass or whatever.


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Will any Boston reporter look into the "Boston area, billionaire 'philanthropist' with a sick wife" who was hiring an obese black prostitute several years back?

The prostitute was ordered by a Federal Judge not to give the Boston billionaire's name for five years and she was possibly paid off. Five years have expired.

I have never seen a victim silenced like that in any court. Where is the Boston prostitute and where is the media? Will she be given a free degree?

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