Comment rating turned off for today

There's a lot of traffic to UHub today; I've turned off comment rating to reduce some of the load on the database. My apologies!

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UH could use more cross-pollination with reddit, but reddit has the best comment system mechanics and implementation of anyone.

It's a shame if anyone seeing UH for the first time today won't see UH at its software best.

Gracefully turning off comment rating rather than becoming glacial or dropping requests is good, though. :)

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Have you considered AWS?

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I haven't looked deeply into the pros and cons of running LAMP / Drupal inside Amazon's cloud, but it might be a more flexible option for running the site when traffic gets wonky like today. If MySQL is your bottleneck, you would not get the benefit of the database getting bigger on its own (which services like DynamoDB can do.) You could scale up to a bigger DB server by pressing a button with just a few seconds downtime, then return to a smaller instance when traffic dies down. It's not quite as automagical as AWS's autoscaling web servers, but it could get you through days like today.

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Mayday, mayday; comment rating turned off for today

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I'll post this quick then while the comments are up

Bikes are bad/good
Forrest Hills is a boondoggle/needed improvement.
BPS is underfunded/inefficient
Marty Walsh is a knave.
Southie should be taken by eminent domain and turned into luxury condos.

I think that covers it.

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No problem

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Thank you for all your hard work today Adam!

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