Don't have any black friends? Tory's here to help

Tory Bullock offers to help white people avoid embarassing gaffes:





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Nothing against Tory at all, but this whole thing is so ridiculous / just an excuse for the media to stir up the pot. Everyone knows what the Historical Society meant. The media will legit do anything to pin something as racist.


As a sorta media member, I can say, no, that's not what happened

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This all bubbled up yesterday on Twitter and Facebook as people who got the postcard or saw it started posting their amazement at it. By the time it hit the MSM (or for that matter, by the time I posted about it), it was already old news to many of the folks who had reason to be outraged, with no media intervention whatsoever (and to the Historical Society's credit, they started responding really, really quickly yesterday to tweets about it, again, well before the Big Name Media sites started broadcasting/posting stories).

So the media picked the story up not to stir up outrage, but because the outrage or amazement or whatever was already out there - that, and the society's numerous apologies. That's how the media found out about the story - you really think there's somebody on an assignment desk at a local newspaper or TV station who sits around looking for postcards from groups they normally never cover to see if there might be something outrageous?


Not guilt, more like ignorance.

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Murkin, watch that video again, and listen this time before making another knee-jerk response. That was not a get-whitey rant, but a pretty thoughtful and incisive dissection of how and why such mistakes can happen by Mr. Bullock. He didn't accuse the historical society of malice, but cluelessness. This was the sort of error that can be made by people who are oblivious to a basic demographic fact, because it doesn't touch their lives. Don't loathe yourself, loathe that gap in your consciousness. Call Tory now, he'll help you out!

P.S. Thanks Adam!


Get Bent

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white dude from Mattapan


I'm dreaming of a 'T' Christmas

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Torey nailed it. The only place in this city where races mix, young and old, rich and poor, sober and strung out is the T. They all get together in a steel box that often breaks down in dark tunnels and for the most part everyone gets along. One thing is for sure if you start dreaming about a T Christmas your probably having a nightmare.

Christmas on the T

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It's great (at least on the subway side). It's a Sunday schedule, but there's no one riding, so it runs on time and you usually darn near have the car to yourself.


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Yeah, the old white people club is now OVER ... I wonder how much they will be able to cope with their new members - educated people of color.

Dorchester Historical Society

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Tory Bullock is speaking the truth. Having grown up in Boston and bussed in the 70s to school due to a white driven racist school system, this City is still unfortunately still disturbingly segregated and may even be in worse shape with regard to integration of whites and blacks that are native to this great city! We all need to be friends. Enough is enough! Peace all.



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I hope that's a legit email address and people reach out for help!

Go To A Black Neighborhood

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That would be my advice to white folks. Before you worry about making new friends, just go there first.

_ Take your friends or family to dinner on Dudley St.

_ Do some of your Christmas shopping in Grove Hall

_ Get your car repaired on Blue Hill Ave.

This alone, will be educating

Slow down there

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What food spot is good on Dudley st?? I don’t think any but Ideals..

Grove hall shopping yes for stocking stuffers

Car repair umm which one??


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Ideals is a sub shop that closes after lunch. Nos Casa and Soya Joint are both nice sit-down dinner places. There are others. I'm not a food critic, I'm just saying they're there.