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Everett school superintendent retires; leaves under cloud of investigation

The Everett Independent breaks the news that Fred Foresteire has retired following the School Committee's decision to hire an outside investigator to look into sexual-harassment allegations against him.



Thief, liar, and now probable rapey administrator.

No idea why Everett didn't shitcan this loser years ago. Can't be because he produced good outcomes for students, either. Must have had something on somebody.


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I;m so happy that bullying, intolerance, harassment are finally, finally getting their comeuppance.


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Don't condemn a person on allegations. Wait for the investigation.

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How many investigations do you want?

He was already investigated for improperly using funds.

He was already investigated for buying things for his home and using school workers to work on his house.

He was already investigated for having school workers paint a condo owned by a school committee member.

He was required to pay fines for these violations.

He should have been fired for any or all violations.

The guy is too crooked to be a public official. Period. The latest allegations are just more on the pile of shit. Notice that I used the word "probable" rapey asshole ... he's been proven to be a thief and a liar.


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I remember the Air Condition thing way back when (Where he admitted to using 2 City own air conditioners and having them installed into his own home!) and he was indited for this and how does he keep his job?

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