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Fabled Revere Beach pizza place could re-open in Lynn

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that Bianchi's could re-open in the Lewis Street site left vacant by the closing of JD's Sports Bar.

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I'm not sure that's the best location. Parking on Lewis Street is tough and foot traffic is not yet what it should be. On the other hand, we have Revolution Pie + Pint, Enzo's, Caruso's and a chain that shall name be named in the core of the downtown, so perhaps that's why they're looking further out.

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They are already open again in the Renzo's space on the beach. They moved their ovens over the day after they closed and just changed the sign to say Bianchi's / Renzo's. I've been a couple of times, the pizza is exactly the same and it's nice you can sit at the bar and have a beer with it. I just wish they'd stop having the DJ playing disco the whole time you're there.

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