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Feds say Methuen man was sitting on more than 70 pounds of fentanyl

A Methuen man faces up to life in prison after federal agents found nearly $30 million worth of potentially deadly fentanyl in his car and in a closet in his apartment - where they also found a gas mask and a gun - the US Attorney's office in Boston reports.

A second man, who arrived at Angel Javier Morell-Oneill's apartment with $20,000 as Morell-Oneill was being arrested, was also charged as a courier involved in Morell-Oneill's alleged fentanyl business, the US Attorney's office reports.

Morell-Oneill, whom officials say is really a Dominican national who was kicked out of the country in 2015 - under a different name - was stopped while driving what turned out to be two kilograms of fentanyl to a customer on Monday, according to an affidavit by a DEA agent involved in the case.

Back at his apartment, the affidavit continues, agents with a search warrant found two duffel bags filled with a total of 26 fentanyl bricks, along with a plastic bag and smaller egg-shaped packages also filled with the stuff, along with a gun, ammunition, a gas mask and a money counter.

According to a separate affidavit by the agent, Morell-Oneill was quite chatty and said a tractor-trailer driver had recently dropped off a shipment of drugs and that the guy was still in the area and awaiting payment of $40,000 for his work.

As they talked, the affidavit says, he received a number of calls and texts from a man who had $20,000 to go towards the driver's payment. The two agreed to meet in an hour - enough time for agents to bring Morell-Oneill to a nearby State Police barracks for booking and return him to his apartment - with a woman described as his "paramour" handling several of the calls.

When Jose Rodriguez pulled his minivan into a handicap spot outside Morell-Oneill's apartment, he was met by agents who found two hidden compartments in the vehicle, one containing stacks of money bound with rubber bands - $20,000 in all.

Morell-Oneill was charged with one count of possession with intent to distribute 400 grams or more of fentanyl, which carries a sentence of between 10 years and life, the US Attorney's office reports. Rodriguez was charged with one count of conspiracy to possess with intent to to distribute fentanyl. He faces between three and twenty years in prison if convicted.

In addition to the DEA and State Police, several local police departments, including in Boston, participated in the investigation.

Innocent, etc.



A Methuen Man? This scumbag is a once-deported foreign national drugdealer was trafficking 30M in fentanyl. He would have likely been responsible for dozens of OD deaths in MA alone. Lock him up forever. Good riddance to a another waste of space drugdealer.

Wait, he's just a dreamer right? Nothing to see here sheep, move along.

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This one, or the DR? It's not clear based on the syntax.

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You're trying to tie a drug dealing shithead who was already kicked out of this country just three years ago with thousands and thousands of law-abiding children who have lived in the US for most of their lives and want the opportunity to study and become productive adults?


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if they were law-abiding then they wouldn't be in line for deportation.

Here's an act of magnanimity from a rightie to a leftie in the form of a blunt observation:

You can certainly say that their law-breaking was not a consequence of any conscious decisions they made as adults past the age of consent. But they are not law-abiding. The fact that you assert they are law-abiding despite blazingly obvious evidence to the contrary is what makes people distrust your motives.

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70lbs... Jesus. If it takes a spec of that crap to kill someone... he could have killed 100's of 1000s very easily

*shakes head* stupid drug dealers... real stupid.

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Try millions!

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The max dose that paramedics in Mass can give prehospitally (at 1mcg/kg) is 150mcg. 70lbs is enough to give more than 200 million adults a full dose.

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i had enough of these stories. this does nobody any good.
end the drug war.
end mass incarceration for non violent crime.

we learned nothing from the 80's crack scare tactics pushed by prosecutors, media, police and every politician.

honestly i don't believe there were 70 pounds, the pigs just weighed everything including the packaging, bag and boxes. These press releases are all garbage and our media just repeats them.

I wish all our cops were out looking for tax cheats, polluters, money launderers, false advertisers. putting the eyes on the corrupt american oligarchs rather then punching down on the brown people all the time.

peace out

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instead of just sending him back to the DR again, if that's where his citizenship is? Maybe he can make a fresh start of his life back in his home country. (Assuming, that is, that he's actually convicted of this crime)

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This would be his second time removed from the USA, that alone should carry prison time.

You want to give him a free pass and HOPE he changes, take your head out of your &%^.....

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What makes you think he would stay there this time? A "fresh start" dealing in the DR, maybe?

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but its' not. It's just going into the wrong business. Maybe he can find a better one next time after being deported again, rather than imprisoned.

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Can we not get a weapon of mass destruction charge based on the potential damage that could be caused.

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