Firefighters battle four-alarm fire in Codman Square

Codman Square fire

Codman Square fire. Photo by Dan Hogan.

Boston firefighters responded at 9:18 a.m. to 573 Washington St. in Dorchester's Codman Square for what turned into a four-alarm fire, the Boston Fire Department reports.

No injuries at this point.

The department says the fire started in the Codman Square Market and spread to Mod Liquors. So far, a firewall is keeping the fire from spreading to the neighboring XO Restaurant and Citizens Bank.

The department estimated damage at $1 millon; will begin to look for a possible cause after the basement is pumped out.



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Helicopters buzzing the neighborhood

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I live near this fire. It's not over yet and I hope everyone is ok. Do we really need helicopter coverage for every event like this? There's been 1 or 2 helicopters circling around for 2 hours and counting, buzzing my house which shakes every time the helicopter gets near. All this for a few seconds of footage on the news?

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trumps your want, need for comfort and sanity in your home. With the current new cycle being the way it is the traditional outlets have to compete at all cost ie despair in living color.

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Police helicopters

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They sometimes pitch into the fire fighting effort with infrared cameras.

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At least one helicopter is for tv

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Channel 25's website is live broadcasting their helicopter feed. I currently see 2 helicopters following each other in a circle.

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Why have they made a comeback?

Seems like they were ever present in the 1980s, then they nearly disappeared due to cost cutbacks plus a series of high profile accidents that killed reporters, executives, and other copter junkies.

Now there seems to be a resurgence. Only a matter of time before we have another rash of accidents?

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