Midtown Hotel could disappear

The Globe reports the Christian Scientists, who own the land on which the low-rise, low-cost hotel sits, are planning to put the land up for sale.



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About time. More density please. And more ground level action along that side of Huntington too please instead of those brick knee walls a narrow sidewalk.

Really that whole stretch is a complete dead zone that seems so out of place for what could be a nice retail stretch opposite the plaza.

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How did you come up with 700'? By including the plaza and reflecting pool?

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density at any cost

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Sigh. I didn't say we need density at any cost, but a 2 story roadside style motel very close to both the Green and Orange lines is a prime spot for density.

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It abuts a very wide road and sits north of the shorter residential behind it - so minimal shadow impact most of the day.

Agreed - good spot for added height - but need to be careful - height does not always equal density. Most of the back bay is as dense as the prudential center development because of the set back/open space requirements.

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Re-purpose it as an Airbnb Investor property. Someone will make a killing eh Marty?

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Oh no!

Now where are Ted and Johnny supposed to stay?

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a little sad

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Midtown is one of the very few super affordable hotels in the area. It's also just kind of a neat building, a little midcentury modern relic in a town where we missed a lot of that era of architecture. More height and density is desperately needed and it was only ever a matter of time but still the sad end of an era

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Midtown etc

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Reminds me of a similar [if smaller] MidCentury Modern lodging structure on Mass Ave in Lexington Center

It was called the Battle Green Inn -- would have fit quite well into some suburban stripmall like area

Replaced by several story mixed-use project

As the nation’s first Silver LEED certified mixed-use development, Lexington Place offers over 5,000 square feet of new, street-level retail space right in the heart of Lexington center.

In addition to its 30 new luxury condominium homes, the additional retail space will provide Lexington with new boutique's, shops and other amenities.

We are very pleased to welcome MiniLuxe Spa and Ride Studio Café to Lexington Place

I thought that for years the Midtown site could be the place for cluster of 3 or 4 hotels of 10 to 15 story heights and of varying price ranges [one brand several names -- e.g. Marriott or Wyndham] with another weather protected bridge over Huntington

The extra 600 or so rooms would really improve the Hynes complex in its role as the premier conference center -- year round

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I wonder

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What effort it would take to build up, keeping the Midtown, adding new columns and foundation. There is no T underground to work around nor is there any highway under there. Could be a cool design exercise and perhaps even execution.

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While it may seem like a good idea, it would drastically add cost to the project and probably destroy the floor plans because of the additional structure and services necessary to build above this, meaning whatever the developer put up would have to set prices higher to compensate for that increased cost, and it might not even turn out very well.

Can we please just get beyond the "it's old so it's historic" trend. I get it, I'm nostalgic and miss old pieces of the city too, but there really isn't anything special about this building. It's a crappy motel in the city, which is unique, but not something worth preserving.

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