Missing barge finally found in waters just outside Boston Harbor

The Coast Guard reports a Quincy Police crew found a barge that capsized Sunday morning just north of one of the main shipping channels into Boston Harbor, about two miles south of Nahant, near the entrance to the harbor.

A Quincy Police crew with sonar found what appeared to be the barge in about 100 feet of water yesterday. The finding of the bard, the Dredge 200, was confirmed today, the Coast Guard says.

Close coordination with the Boston Harbor Pilots was crucial to ensure maritime commerce impacts were limited and deep draft vessels carrying vital goods were able to safely transit into Boston.

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Quincy police has side scan sonar?

This is the kind of police expenditure I don't understand. Surely there's not so much demand for side scan sonar rigs that the Staties or some other entity can just have a unit available for any police force to use when needed. Feel free to explain why I'm wrong...

Perhaps the number of incidents in the quarries

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over the years has something to do with it. Still, I do consider it odd that the Quincy Police made the discovery, and not the Coast Guard , who one might presume would also have access to side scan radar.


The news story

made it sound like all search units were working in concert in the general area so it's only chance that Quincy PD found it - could have been any of the involved units.

Side scsn sonar is not expensive

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Side scan sonar is available in consumer-grade fish finders at modest cost, well under a $1000. Several brands are available. Lowrance is one. If you ever need to look for an object in the water, it makes a lot of sense.


Coast Guard most likely put

Coast Guard most likely put out an all call for any warm bodies in the general area they could put on their own equipment. I'd be willing to bet that's why QPD found the barge.