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Morrissey Boulevard, sure, but I-93 South ramps in Somerville?

Flooding on an I-93 ramp in Medford

Miniature Bumblebee gives us some traffic on the soggy 3s:

People traveling 93S, be cautious. Cars coming in from this ramp are merging early to avoid the flooding

Not good on Truman Parkway in Hyde Park, either:

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Save youuuuuuuurrrrrrrnselvesssssssssss

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...and commute via ferry.

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Now might be a good time to go out and clear leaves from the storm drains!

It is a bit drier out there, if windy. Consider a quick walk with a rake and help all that water drain!

This won't solve all the stormwater drainage problems, but it might save your basement!

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