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No happy trails: Fitchburg train derails

A car on a Fitchburg Line train slipped off the rails - but stayed upright - outside the Waverly stop around 7:30 a.m. Riders were given the option of waiting for a relief train - which still hadn't come after an hour - or walking to the nearest station.

Chris R. has been tweeting updates. At 8:50, he reported:

Train did derail and passengers were given the option to walk to next stop or stay on train. Passengers still waiting for relief, been over an hour now.

Bathrooms no longer in service as they are unable to be flushed. Still no updates on relief train.

Photo from the scene.
Closeup of an unrailed wheel.


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I was on the train. Honestly kudos to the conductors who let us walk to Waverly. Not fun but I was only 30 minutes delayed.

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What they are not saying on newscasts is that a wheel sheared off and hasn’t been found yet. NEVER should happen. tEG2et

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Huh? No wheel was missing, trust me, EVERYONE would have known if we had a wheel shear off, it would have been extremely violent.

It was a derailment, seems to be caused by a flat spot on the wheel.

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Keolis conductor friend confirmed that wheel did "fall off", it was on the side facing the westbound track, the photos of the derailed wheel are on the opposite side of the car.

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send some buses out there, maybe?

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Well in its defense, that train was number 404.

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