Scribbler defaces Allston mural; fans try to raise money for restoration

Vivant Vintage mural before defacement

Mural before it was defaced.

Just three months ago, artist Hiero Vega finished this mural on the side of his brother's Vivant Vintage clothing store on Lincoln Street in Allston. Sometime this week, somebody who has yet to master the art of writing, let alone a sense of shame, defaced it. People who admire the work are raising funds to pay for Vega's travel up from Florida and the cost of the new paint so he can repair the damage.



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The artist didn't bother to apply anti-grafitti covering?

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I thought the "tagging community" had some kind of moral code about defacing other people's art?

So the artist who did this (for free) is obligated to protect his work from some selfish creep with a spray can??

I live around the corner from the store and the mural. Really nice people and a great store.
I'm not really an art guy, but the quality, and meticulous detail was very impressive.

Really appalling, scummy, disappointing.

The owners of the store deserve better.

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Why not apply the coating?

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It's increasingly obvious that taggers are no longer abiding by the code.

And if the coating had been applied, there'd be no need for the artist to come back from Florida to repair his work.

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Tagging Code

Judging by the vandalism, this doesn't look to be the work of a tagger, but more likely just some kids.

I wonder if the anti-graffiti coating was too expensive for them to deploy?

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Maybe the owner should have painted a gold and white flower the first time instead of a Gulliver style oversized mural of his egotistical hipster self.

Seriously who paints a mural of themself on the wall of their own business?

Flights to FL are $150-200 max, supplies maybe $500-800 tops. $2000 for his brother’s time? I’ve never been there but can only imagine how overpriced the vintage goods inside are.

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Took several weeks to create this mural...

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I live right down the street from Vivant and walk by this store twice a day with my dog. The artist spent at least 2 weeks during the summer creating this work of art. Let's low ball the total time it took to complete this mural and say the artist spent 80 hours working on this. Assume it will take half that time, 40 hours, to fix. What do you think a fair "at cost" hourly rate is for creating art like this? I'll put a number out there and say $30 an hour. That would come out to $1200. Cost for supplies and to ship those supplies up here/back? Does $500 sound reasonable? How about flights from Florida? Not cheap during the winter. $500 round trip sounds looks like an average rate from various major cities in Florida. Food/living expenses over a 2 week period might come out to an additional $500.

That gets us to $2700 and wouldn't even include lodging expenses.

In my opinion, a $3000 fundraising target is a fair amount. I was glad to make my first gofundme donation for this cause.

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Heck yes!

It's a beautiful mural on a great store staffed by wonderful folks.

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I think we can all agree that

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I think we can all agree that is most definitely Art! Wow, what talent it takes to paint something on such a large scale.
Sorry to hear what happened and glad the community is rallying around.

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Photography of Street Art.

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Street Art can be an invitation to cover it with something new. Photography is important to document Street Art original work and inevitable defacements. Local city art programs can target/market to defacers/creators and encourage their workmanship in better directions.

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