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Second man charged for July 4th drive-by murder in Dorchester

Prosecutors today accused Travis Phillips, 27, of firing the shots that killed Deondra Lee in a drive-by at Brookford and Dacia streets in Dorchester on July 4th.

Michael Carleton of Mattapan was arrested Tuesday for Lee's murder. According to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, Carleton drove the car from which Phillips fired.

According to the DA's office:

On the night of July 4, a public safety camera captured a vehicle, driven by a man later identified as Carleton, pull up to the area of Dacia and Brookford streets, where Lee and a group of individuals had gathered. As the vehicle passed the group, its passenger - who was dressed in white - opened fire on the group.

Lee was struck by the gunfire and died of his injuries at Boston Medical Center.

Boston Police located the vehicle used in the shooting a short time later in a Dudley Street parking lot near Phillips’ family home. Security camera footage from the area captured a man fitting Phillips’ description and wearing a white shirt and shorts exit the passenger’s side of the vehicle and enter the residence, prosecutors said. A fingerprint found on the handle of the vehicle’s front passenger’s side door - from where investigators believe the gunman fired - was matched to Phillips.

Innocent, etc.

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