The Storrow pool is open

Somebody almost storrowed on Memorial Drive

Oh, so close! A roving UHub reporter watched a near-storrowing on Memorial Drive, at the Mass Ave. bridge underpass early this afternoon:

An MIT police officer saved the day, they flagged the college-aged U-Haul driver down and backed him up to the offramp to Mass Ave.



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Yep, I know that bridge...

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Great gas station/beer and wine store right there. And, yes, that camera is entertaining....

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Storrow Pool

A one-off U-Hub joke that really took on a life of its own!

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I've been asked that

Many a time as a trivia host when asking tiebreaker questions.

My answer: "Why wouldn't you be able to go over? We're not bidding on a retail item here."

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What's it been, 10 years?

I felt great when UHaul picked it up as a hashtag, but that's really cool!

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Last Sunday, August 26, about 9:45 in the morning, I saw an MBTA "The RIDE" van backing out of the Memorial/Mass. Ave. underpass, then proceeding forward towards Mass. Ave. along the surface road. This was in front of Killian Court and the van was proceeding west, towards the B.U. Bridge. It was one of those overheight cutaway vans so it might well have lost its top if it went under. I was too far away to tell if there were any passengers inside. But you think that the MBTA's contractors would tell their employees about those roads!

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No good

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That last-minute intervention may seem providential, but no good can come of interfering with Mother Storrow. Storrowing is how she culls the herd.

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