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Student hospitalized after pepper spray goes off in Dorchester classroom

WCVB reports a sixth-grader was packing pepper spray when it accidentally went off in a classroom at UP Academy today.

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Last week the kids were battling at Ashmont station and several were arrested and three cops were injured and one of them has his gun magazine stolen.

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Wrong UP Academy. The ones regularly raising hell on the T are from the Southie school. The story is talking about the Dot school. Either way, if this is a case of a parent supplying it to their kid I hope DCF gets involved.

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One time at Middle East up (Cambridge) my partner dropped her pepper spray that her father had given her and she didn’t realize it at the time. With all the movement going on during the live music, it went off and off again and again and we were all sneezing but in the darkness of the club none of us knew why.
Long story short accidental pepper spray is typically better than accidental gun

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