Well, at least she won't storrow herself

Bike rider on Storrow Drive

Turlach MacDonagh was kind of amazed to see a Hubway user riding down Storrow Drive this afternoon (no, they're not supposed to do that).



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Did you know

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that there are perfectly good bike paths along Memorial Drive; riding a bicycle on the road is unnecessary?

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Some of it isn't "perfectly good"

Between River Street and the BU Bridge it is narrow, poorly paved, and often full of pedestrians. The road may be a better choice for cyclists at times.

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Oh yes, absolutely.

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I remember all the reports of cyclists run over an killed by pedestrians. Human beings on foot are so much more dangerous than two-ton vehicles going 40 MPH.

Is it me? It's him, right?

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I was referencing the "too narrow for both a bike and a car" and ""put in an unsafe position" parts of your post.

It's not too narrow. There's another lane. The speed limit is the same as on any other road around here, if you don't have the physical capability or vehicular capability of braking, you're the one putting someone in an unsafe position.

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Please stop being silly!

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I suppose I should have expected a snotty reply when the discussion is about bikes. The other lane was full, so moving out into it was not really a possibility. I don't know where you got the idea that my car has no brakes or that I can't brake. I used to commute by bike myself and I try to give bicyclists as much leeway as I can. I just don't like having to slow down to a crawl for someone who could have easily used the bike path.

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Sorry you don't like it but...

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...it's the law. If you can't pass a slower-moving vehicle safely, and if the slower-moving vehicle can't give way to the right to let you pass without compromising his/her own safety, then you have to wait. (MGL Chapter 89, Section 2) There is no mandatory bike lane usage law in MA.

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Please Sal.

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Your desire to look after the safety of Boston Cyclists is equally likely to be met by scorn as it is thanks. Boston Cyclists are pure in their intelligence and judgement and have never exhibited any behavior that places them in danger from automobiles. You merely need to read this thread to see the obvious truth of that.

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