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Whittier Street Health Center decides not to lay 20 workers off after all

The Boston Business Journal reports Mayor Walsh had something to do with the health center's decision to rescind layoffs announced Thursday, although it was not clear exactly what.



Hopefully this isn't the end of new scrutiny of the leadership and staffing at Whittier. The high turnover among staff there has nothing to do with the patients, though they are ultimately who suffer.

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Great job mayor.

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Where did the cash come from to resolve this? The books don't get squared away with the wave of a wand. Was there a quid pro quo? The health center is made whole by the city. In return, management lays off of labor's push to organize? Lots of dots still to be connected here. Nothing's free.

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Most likely the "layoffs" had nothing to do with money. Read between the lines. Employees were terminated days before a union vote.

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You have to ask why the CEO and President made $460K in 2016 as reported by The Boston Globe and another $100K plus stock moonlighting for EverSource this year if the Center is in so much financial trouble?

Also why hasn’t the Board stepped in?

Board of Directors:
Vernon Nelson, Milton High School (retired) – Chair
Vianka Perez-Belyea, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
True See Allah, Suffolk Sheriff’s Department

Glad Marty Walsh stepped in to find money for them.

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