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Another fire at a high rise under construction, this time in the Theater District

Fire at Tremont Street and Stuart Street

Boston firefighters responded around 5:15 p.m. to Tremont and Stuart streets, where a fire broke out on the first and second floors of a 24-story hotel under construction, next to the Wilbur Theater.

Fire commanders declared the fire knocked down around 5:45 p.m. in the building, which will house 346 "micro" hotel rooms.

The Boston Fire Department, which says the fire was limited to 'exterior construction materials," estimates damage at $250,000.

This is the third fire to break out in a high-rise tower under construction in Boston in recent weeks. On March 9, a fire erupted in a tower under construction on Causeway Street; on Feb. 23, a fire broke out in a tower under construction at the Government Center Garage.

Theater District fire (photo by Jan):

Theater District fire


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Good thing this is after hours.

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The notorious smiley face arsonsist!

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Red Flag Warning for Southeast Middlesex County, Massachusetts

Maybe not a good day to be welding anything

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This is why I don't trust buildings made of concrete and steel. Had they stuck with wood this wouldn't have happened.


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Except this, and the other cases were well contained and managed and construction continued. Unlike, say, the fire that broke out in the 5 over 1 stick built building by Ashmont which ended in a total lose requiring the entire thing to be torn down and rebuilt.

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White Punks on Dope

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cue "down the tubes" jokes.......

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