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Another pot shop proposed for Roslindale

The city holds a meeting tomorrow on a proposed marijuana establishment at 3995-3997 Washington St. - better known now as the bodega with the giant cat mural on the Archdale Road side.

The session begins at 6 p.m. at the Menino Community Center, 125 Brookway Rd., according to a city meeting notice, which does not state who wants to open the shop.

Pot shops have also been proposed to replace City Farm on American Legion Highway and to move into the abandoned space next to Hong Kong 888 at South and Walter streets.

Neither has yet to go before the zoning board - which might not be able to vote on them at this point, anyway, because the board is short members due to a dispute over marijuana zoning which would be compounded by the fact that member Bruce Bickerstaff has been recusing himself from all pot hearings because he is part of the ownership of the proposed American Legion shop.



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Cat mural?! Oh man, keep the mural and make it into a cat pot cafe! You could call it "Meowy Wanna! Pawt Catfe."

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Hello Adam,

Thanks for posting! My name is Brian Chavez and I am the CEO of Massachusetts Citizens for Social Equity (MCSE). I’m also the owner of Antonio’s Hifi & Bosburger in Dorchester.

MCSE is proposing a cannabis retail store at the Bodega with the cat mural. My family and I are lifelong residents of Boston. Prior to this city meeting, we met with the community and received feedback. We took that feedback and incorporated it into our business plan and presentation. We have no large investors backing us nor are we affiliated with any out of town corporations, or any medical dispensaries. We are from the community and for the community.

Part of our mission is creating safe access to cannabis for people who chose to consume cannabis. We hope to see any Boston resident who supports locally owned business to come and support this proposal tomorrow.

Best regards,

Brian Chavez

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Thanks for the update!

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I support anything you do because BosBurger is AMAZING. I had my out of town friends eat it with me.

Great buffalo wings and burgers at an amazing price! Never change. You put McDonald to shame. I love love love your food and prices. And location! I used to order up to Centre street by shawmut station and i used to walk by your proposed location all the time!. I'm 100% behind you! Good luck!

Head over to r/bostontrees and youll get some real support!


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This is ridiculous. The people of Boston, including Roslindale, voted in favor of this years ago. Why does everyone have to schlep across the line to Brookline to buy overpriced legal cannabis? Boston should be getting its share of the 20% tax. All they say is “we have to do this right” but they’re not doing it right at all. Open up some stores!

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Even when they approve stores in Boston, they can't figure out how to get it right: see the chaos that approving two shops in East Boston has caused.

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I’m Am extremely excited to show my support and do anything I can to insure this establishment has a Grand-opening !

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