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Another residential building proposed for area near Ashmont T station

Architect's rendering of proposed 1970 Dorchester Ave. building

Architect's rendering.

A developer has proposed turning a vacant Dorchester Avenue lot into a 56-unit residential building with space for two first-floor businesses.

In a filing with the BPDA, Tim Long says his $12-million 1970 Dorchester Ave. building, a block south of the T-stop entrance, would have 32 studios and 24 one-bedroom units. The studios would range in size from 450 to 692 square feet; the one-bedroom units from 625 to 759 square feet. The filing does not specify whether the units would be apartments or condos.

Long has proposed a total of five parking spaces, along with a roof deck, a gym/media room, and a bicycle-storage area with space for 56 bikes.

The lot is now used to store construction material for a nearby construction project.

Long, who is partnering with Gregory and Brendan Feeney - the Feeney Brothers - and Sweet Life Bakery owner Michael Ahern, hopes to begin two years of construction later this year.

1970 Dorchester Ave. small-project review application (17.9M PDF).




just read the headline and I’m guesding: no parking.

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I just looked at that rendering and I'm guessing: #crapitechture

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Though it would be cool if there was no parking, as we may remember that development partner Michael Ahern drove drunk and killed a bicyclist on Morrissey.

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The map for the historical review is of 1 Beale st in Quincy. Who reviewed this before it was submitted?

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Please put a breakfast diner in one of the store fronts. It would build community and is very much needed in the area.

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As well as some stores. I agree with Angus, who suggested a diner.

Why can't architects come up with something that's sturdy, economical, and reasonably decent looking? Why all the ugly crap that will be torn down in a few years or collapse in the next major storm? Is that too much to ask?

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