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Racist anti-Semites tag up Hull fort

Anti-Semitic graffiti at Fort Revere

Enthusiastic anti-Semites just kept going with the Ks. Photos via Hull PD.

Graffiti at Fort Revere in Hull is nothing new. But Hull Police report the virulent anti-Semitic and racist graffiti at the old fort is different:

The desecration of this historic monument will not be tolerated and to see that the graffiti was anti-Semitic and racist is especially disturbing," Chief John said. "We will investigate these acts fully and apply the full strength of the law on those responsible. This is not something that will be written off as 'kids being kids.' There is no place for hate in our society. These kinds of messages instill fear in members of our community.

Police say visitors to the site discovered the fresh scrawls on Monday morning.

Police ask anybody with information or who recognize the blue-woman poster contact them at 781-925-1212.

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That's all it is.

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we can’t even be sure of that. did they SAY they were nazis?

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This is far more than "run of the mill" anti-Semitism. Hull has had a well-established Jewish community since at least the 1920's, when many people of all faiths from Boston spent a week or a summer there to escape the heat and enjoy the beach.

I'm just a typical Mick from Dot but this turns my stomach. How can anyone who knows even a little history fail to see the intent to intimidate and dehumanize with this cowardly act? The best punishment, if they can be identified, would be to force them to face the community.

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i was being facetious. certain members of this commentariat would require a notarized letter stating “i am an anti-semite” along with this graffiti to condemn it.

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it's in some significant way Trump's fault and I'm dead serious. But you know that already, especially if you support Trump.

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Is graffiti still a crime? Can you be arrested in Suffolk county for graffiti?

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Not that it matters in this case, which if you were from around here, you'd know, because Hull isn't in Suffolk County.

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The words themselves may be prosecutable.

People often argue first amendment limits on this site when they don't apply. Urging people to harm members of a religious group probably won't pass the test of protected speech, although I again defer to the legal eagles.

If they find this person, throw the book at him/ her (almost certainly a him-c'mon guys, stop embarrassing the rest of us!).

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