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Arborway work includes bonus skating rink

Broken water fountain on north side of Arborway

Clay Harper videoed a brand-new and already busted water fountain spewing water tonight on the little plaza next to the new entrance to the Forest Hills T station across the Arborway from the station.

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Arborway underpass, rather than at the end of the tunnel entering the station? The current configuration prevents commuter rail passengers from using the tunnel, unless they're monthly passholders.

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Security to keep people from lurking down there.

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The new headhouse is built directly above the Orange Line platform. It can only feed in to that. There is not room for an underpass connecting to the station concourse because both OL and commuter rail tracks are in the way. They could certainly have built another staircase, about 20 feet to the East, which would have connected to the commuter rail platform, but that probably would have cost quite a bit for a service that would see almost no usage.

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No new T station infrastructure is complete without the necessary standing water (or ice) features.

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