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Attention passengers: The next Red Line cars are now arriving - in New Jersey

Red Line test car being offloaded in New Jersey

Red Line car being offloaded in New Jersey

The MBTA reports that the first two "pilot" Red Line cars from CRRC arrived in New Jersey from a Chinese factory today and will now be trucked up to the Red Line's Cabot Yard in South Boston, where they will undergo extensive testing (including, no doubt, of the doors) before the T gives the go-ahead to CRRC's Springfield plant to start cranking those puppies out.

The testing will including running the cars up and down Track 61, the rail line to the South Boston waterfront that had its track ripped ouot and replaced, with a third rail added, for testing the new cars.

By sometime in 2023, the T says, the new cars will replace every single existing car on the Red Line and then some.

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Ok, 4 years of peace and quiet before the nag announcements and incessant beeping start.

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Jersey? They couldn’t send them to the Conley Terminal?

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If it's only a small percentage of the load aboard a very large ship, why would the shipping company extend the trip to a minor port?

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