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The bad news is an eight-foot python is slithering around Newton; the good news is he was recently fed

UPDATE, 8:30 p.m. Newton Police report the snake is still on the lam, and urge anybody who sees it to call them directly, NOT the city animal control officer.

Ted Hess-Mahan reports:

There is an 8 foot long Burmese Python loose in the Jewett St. area in #NewtonMA

His name is "Lightning" because he is so slow. He is brown and yellow and as thick as your leg.

Lightning was recently fed and probably (!) isn't hungry or dangerous.

But, Hess-Mahan adds, just in case, don't let Lightning hug you (he also provides the owner's phone number). He adds Lightning slithered away last night.

Python facts.

Bobcat in Boston.

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He’s probably running for office, being so perfectly suited to the task. The only problem is it’s hard for him to do the actual doorknocking.


...not being able to knock on doors might not be so bad.

This snake is the hero the MBTA needs but doesn't deserve.


Anyone else remember Penelope? Is she still in Boston?


Penelope the snake and Kenmore the cat kept the MBTA safe.

Lightning is exactly what the beleaguered agency needs right now. I WANT MORE SNAKES ON MY MOTHER-EFFIN-TRAINS!


Maybe he can help take down the TLF!

Construction is stirring them up everywhere.

Maybe it'll eat some of the pink flamingos.

This isn't another story about a guy opening his front door with an open bathrobe?


Here, take your upvote

This clown's neighbors must be incredibly angry.

Pythons are the last thing we need disrupting the MA ecosystem. For anyone who is curious about the destruction that pythons can cause take a look at the south Florida burmese python situation. Pythoncowboy on instagram is a great follow as well. The snakes have decimated 99% of mammalian wildlife down there. That is the LAST thing we want here.

A Burmese python would not survive the winter here, even if we had a mild winter. They are native to tropical climates in South and Southeast Asia, and South Florida has a similar climate, which is why they have been thriving there.

I'd be very surprised if a python could live through winter.
They are a huge problem in the Everglades, but maybe not here.

The Simpsons already covered this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3f5viRoaZNw