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Boom, boom, boom: Major Junior Achievement milestone includes fireworks over Boston Harbor

A doff of the detective's cap to Kristin Foley for figuring out why Boston Harbor suddenly exploded in colors tonight: The Boston-Based Group Formerly Known as Junior Achievement but now as JA Worldwide celebrated its 100th anniversary tonight with fireworks over Boston Harbor:

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Beautiful display, watched them from my apartment window in Eastie.

But as a teacher who had conferences tonight I’m pissed that I was just about sleep when it started. Like goddamn, weekday fireworks are for the summer and this late in the evening is ridiculous.


I’m used to walking home and having no idea why there’s fireworks going on at the harbor


But not on a work weeknight and with no notice.
I thought this was some college antics but it was rather loud- heard from Cambridge like it was overhead but I couldn’t see it, all the way to Quincy where my friend complained it was keeping the baby up and bothering the dog.
This sort of thing should not boom out of nowhere and disturb the peace like it’s cool.
Maybe a couple quickies but not a full-on fourth display. For who? Good for them but no one else. WTF


That's wicked late. Locally, only the July 4th Pops fireworks show is that late, and a lot of us wish it was at least a half hour earlier.

from Saugus. I'm close to the harbor so it was loud. I just wish I knew about it in advance so I could have gone down to the water and watch them after the Bruins game.

Glad I was able to look up the source right away on UHub last night, but it was odd that they started at 10:15pm on a weeknight.

We the public should be notified for basic public safety/security and for reasons of general consideration. If some group gets to disturb a wide swath of the city, i should at least be able to put myself in a location where I can see the d8splay, not just have it disturb us.

And yes, way too late.

And they posted a tweet (they're all about Twitter) at 7:06 p.m. last night about the fireworks, which was kind of short notice and not everybody saw it, based on all the tweets I (your designated "What the hell is that?" reporter) started getting within minutes of the fireworks all basically asking "why are there fireworks, did the Bruins just win or something?"

Congratulations on your 100th anniversary, Junior Achievement! Light up that sky! Change the world!

@_d_flo: vertical video mode is stupid.
@jaworldwide: big up on the camera resolution.

I heard a lot of booming last night a little after 10:00 and thought it was night work on the highway. This explains it!

Congratulations to all. JA Worldwide participants.

i wish they would advertise firework events so more people could enjoy them. or if there was some site to follow to find out about ahead of time. i happened to notice out my window last night.


Here's what your well intentioned checks are paying for at this "non-profit" corporation.


...celebrate as good, you will not. Hmm?