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Boston Medical Center to show expansion plans and start own police force

The Boston Sun reports that Boston University and Boston Medical Center are readying a formal corporate split - they'll still work together on medical stuff, but say they'll soon be more akin to Harvard Medical School and Mass. General when it comes to corporate structure.

A key part of that is the ten-year "institutional master plan" that Boston Medical Center - formed by the merger of BU Medical Center and Boston City Hospital - plans to file with the BPDA next month. But it also means that BMC will be getting its own police force as the BU PD moves to concentrate on BU's core properties in Boston.

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We have achieved the goal of having over one hundred different police forces patrolling the streets of Boston.

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It's better than it used to be when the Capitol and MDC police were separate units.
Now if the BPD and MSP could just resolve their turf wars over the Seaport.

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But in that neighborhood, the more police presence, the better.

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