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Boston men charged as Cambridge bicycle thieves

Cambridge Police report arresting two men at a North Cambridge apartment building whose residents had reported a recent spate of bicycle thefts and vandalism.

Police say Alexios Tambasidis, 28, and Christopher Rank, 32, both of whom gave their addresses as homeless shelters in Boston, were arrested after somebody called 911 around 6 a.m. on Tuesday to report a couple of guys rummaging around the bike storage facility at the Cambridge Park building on Cambridgepark Drive.

The first suspect was observed running down a driveway on Cambridgepark Drive. The second suspect was observed riding a dark colored bicycle down Cambridgepark Drive towards Alewife Brook Parkway.

Police add:

After both parties were stopped, multiple residents of Cambridgepark Drive approached Officers and reported their bikes either missing or tampered. Officers were able to locate the owner of the stolen bicycle, which was recovered by the second suspect.

The two were charged with larceny from a building and larceny over $1,200, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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Why would someone pay over $1,200 for a bike? That's insane.

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Although you can get very expensive bikes at lower prices if you buy used.

It really depends on what you want the bike for. If you are going to use it a lot, that isn't much to invest considering how much a T pass costs or other athletic stuff. Hell, a gym membership for that matter.

We recently bought tires for the car, and brakes. Each was the cost of a moderately priced bike. Insurance and excise tax and such for a second car is about $1200 a year - nobody seems to question that expenditure.

If you are going to just ride around the block and to a store now and again, with occasional bike path action, you can get something that will last well for $400 to $500. Cheaper bikes sold by places like Target? You get what you pay for - they don't last very well and sometimes the parts aren't very replaceable. You can buy serviceable bikes used for less, though, and you will be able to keep them up as parts wear out.

If you spend all day on a bike, and want carbon fiber? You will pay for that AND it will be worth it. My last bike was $800 and worth every penny in durability and utility on city streets for commuting. In my family, reliable commuter bikes mean that we have not had a need for a second car. I have had it for five years now and rebuilt the drive train last fall because I wore it out. My next road bike (current one is 9 years old and cost $800) will likely be a $2,000 purchase. But I want a carbon frame and disc brakes and high end components because I actually appreciate the value that those add to my ride. I will research it and try multiple types before buying, and look for used bikes, too. But I ride that bike a couple thousand miles a year. It isn't worth it if I didn't.

Like anything you don't use, it is hard to get why anyone would use it. I rented a car recently and they put me in a $50K luxury car for some reason. Sweet ride, but it really was just slightly more refined than my Subaru and I couldn't see why that was worth the difference in price when I don't commute by car very often. Same thing "why would someone spend that much on a car"? Well, if you practically live in it for hours a day, it might be worth it.

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I can see it if you race professionally or if you're going to ride across country. Or, maybe your parents bought you an expensive bike for your birthday? I respect cyclists who have low-key bikes and are skilled riders.

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The wheels on my bike cost more than $1,200. I have hobbies and like nice things.

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