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Boylston Street restaurant with a roof deck shuts down

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the Globe Bar & Cafe on Boylston Street suddenly shut down for good over the weekend.

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Hadn't been there in it's Globe incarnation, but that roof deck is a great location. Hopefully something new will take it's place.

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I never understood why people liked the roof deck. It’s not like you have a good view or anything.

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Back in the rattlesnake days there wasn't much else around in the realm of roof decks.

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When I worked in Copley Sq, Globe was always a reliable place for lunch, dinner or drinks. And a nice front patio, too. I Was always surprised it wasn't more popular.

Wishing good things for the owner & staff.

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Is that one of the buildings owned by that sketchy landlord who is letting all his buildings fall into total disrepair to the point where they are structurally unsound? I'm sure he's been a real pleasure to work with.

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But that was part of the problem. The roof deck was closed (at least for a while) because of the danger posed by the adjoining building.

Not sure it had been reopened.

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The note says "unseen circumstances".

Is that like....ghosts?

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Lease negotiations broke down last Thursday and the landlord pulled the plug.

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And I didn't get chance to go in for a match. Hope the BSSC finds a new spot soon. COYS.

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