Brookline man charged with driving down a sidewalk in Cambridge

Cambridge Police report arresting a Brookline man they say drove on the sidewalk in front of the Lafayette Square fire house on Mass. Ave. at "an extremely high rate" of speed before he got back in the road in time to run the red light at Mass. Ave. and Sidney Street, shortly after 2 a.m. on Sunday.

Ruoding Zhang, 40, was arrested on a variety of charges.

Zhang was arrested last February on charges he stabbed a man in a dispute early one morning at a gas station on Brighton Avenue, across the river in Allston.

Innocent, etc.



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When I went to China 15 years ago, this is literally how they drove, all the time. They've calmed down now though.

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They have?

You mean they don't all park on the sidewalks any more? Beijing spent millions of Yuan repaving sidewalks with nice-looking tiles, but the things weren't strong enough to support cars. When all the new car owners discovered there were no parking spaces near their homes, they drove onto the sidewalk and left their rides there. Crunch.

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This is rarely enforced in Boston

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You can't drive on the sidewalk and run red lights near a fire or police station. The rest of the city, sure. But not there, rookie mistake. People park on the sidewalk on the vfw in West Roxbury ask the time, nothing happens. No for station there though.

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Was he convicted?

You have to be convicted to be incarcerated. There may not have been a dangerousness hearing or present a flight risk or murder charges to hold him without bail.

I see your point, but charged and convicted are two different things.

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and in 2010 "WALTHAM – A 32

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and in 2010 "WALTHAM – A 32-year-old Brookline man was arrested on Main Street at 6 p.m. on Sept. 3, police said. Ruoding Zhang, of 185 Davis Ave., Apt. 4, was charged with six counts of uttering a false prescription."

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