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Building catches fire across from Wollaston T stop in Quincy

Fire in Quincy

Photo by Quincy PD.

Quincy Police took some video of a fire on Newport Avenue near Beale Street, urge motorists to stay away.


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Photo: https://twitter.com/beowabbit/status/1105467852654551042

There are a few other photos on my Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/beowabbit/ . I could smell the smoke as I was getting on the train at Quincy Center, and feel the heat through the subway-car window at Wollaston.

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Just checked google and 307 Newport Ave was suffered a decent fire within the last few years or so. Coincidence? I hope everyone is ok. Wouldn't be shocked if that block is sold off to make place for a huge apartment complex.

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Had the same thought about the previous fire. Definitely sketchy af.

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The block is cursed, that is fifth major fire on that block since the early 1950’s. The middle building which was being renovated has units listed for rent even though it was under construction. It’s been standing vacant since the last fire there in 2015

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Yes!! What is going on there!!!! My relative a young adult was displaced and 29 other lives are upended without anything being provided by any agency much less the owner of those buildings; and who owns those buildings? Who is the owner? If I owned those buildings my name would be all over the front page; but the owner and even the management company names are not reported. There are no electric power lines or gas lines supplied to the building that went up in flames. It is under construction with a permit issued in October 2018. Do you see any progress??? I don’t. Why does it take since October 2018 to do nothing to a building with no progress other than a 5 alarm fire on March 12, 2019? My relative (the young adult) has not been informed by the management as to when she can move back into the sole building that remains.The units on the side of the building facing the fire have windows broken and water damage due to the need for firefighters to hold the line; that side of the building is damaged; there are boards up covering the windows. The units on my relatives (what was my relative’s home) was not touched other than smoke damage. The BOARD OF HEALTH law calls for a landlord/owner to compensate tenants displaced more than a short period (few days) due to fire. Do you think the 30 souls left on the street without a home seeking shelter elsewhere with no contact from the property management know that MA HEALTH DEPARTMENT law states they are due $750 for being displaced so long; also they have all paid in advance; so the owner (per my relative a new owner with an address in the country of China) has in hand approximately $30,000 and with one fire the tenants were evicted; no contact. My relative persisted and persisted and learned nothing other than the insurance company is looking at the property the week of March 18.. The back door was left open with a shovel holding it open the night of the fire discovered by my relative; inside all the apartments were not secured with doors broken open. Anyone could have gone in. The firefighters were in the front of the building and alerted by my relative that the back door was not secured. My relative is not going back. This is obviously wrong; someone is being paid under the table to turn a blind eye to the blight on that section of Quincy. When will people wake up and demand something be done; especially how can anyone witness the displaced persons. Many are homeless now, and ignorant of their rights as tenants displaced by fire. It this was Milton, or Hingham, or Cohassett it would not be tolerated. But, we turn a blind eye to the marginal; the old, and the young adults who lived there unable to afford much in rent; good tenants who did not cause this fire and are paying for it.

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