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Car catches on fire on Columbus Avenue at Mass. Ave.; tow-truck driver douses flames

Flaming car on Columbus Avenue

Ryan Hatcher was across the intersection from New York Pizza tonight when a car parked on Columbus Avenue burst into flames. He reports:

I was walking with Rep. Jon Santiago and a few others when we saw it. He called 911, but before the Fire Department arrived, a tow truck driver pulled over and sprayed the fire with an extinguisher. Fire Department showed up shortly to finish the job.

We didn’t hear or see an accident if there was one, but the front of the car looked a little damaged. The car was just smoking a tiny bit at first and flames appeared in less than a minute.



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Whoever parked that car there did so illegally but somewhat fittingly right in front of the fire alarm... If only the fire department could send a hose through their ancient telegraph system they could have put out the fire remotely!

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Never change their oil until it’s too late

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