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Celebrating Japan on the Common

Traditional Japanese dolls for sale to support tsunami victims

Michael Kerpan took in the annual Japan Festival on Boston Common yesterday, which included Japanese music, art and food. At one booth, Miwako Hosoda sold traditional Japanese hina or dolls to benefit ongoing relief efforts for people still dealing with after effects of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami - made both by women in the hardest hit areas and in areas that have pledged special support to them.

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Huge crowd (especially on Saturday). Lots of interesting food -- but LONG lines for it.

Actually Professor Hosoda wasn't _selling_ these dolls, just showing them off to publicize the project. The Tewassa booth _was_ selling other things to help raise funds for tsunami relief.

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To be sure people were Japanese enough to enjoy Japanese culture? Or is that just an MFA exclusive?

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If you recall, the MFA protests were organized by mostly non-Japanese people.

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... kimonos and kimono wearing by people from the rest of the world. Go visit Kyoto at this time of the year -- and 90 percent of the people wearing kimonos (of various sorts) in public are non-Japanese (and around 90 percent of these folks are Chinese).

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