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Citizen complaint of the day: Don't lock the parking lot near where that woman was attacked

An upset citizen filed a 311 complaint this morning after finding a locked parking lot at Ryan Playground on River Street in Mattapan - near where a woman was attacked on Tuesday:

The recent assault happened in the afternoon. Please do not make residents pay the price for this incident. Locking the gate is a knee jerk response. Some of us exercise in the early morning.



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You rat us out to the media about safety and we will lock you out of the bike path. Either that or they finally figured out they were responsible for safety on the trail.

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There were Milton police (bike and SUV) on either side of the bridge yesterday afternoon. Watching for the suspect to walk by?

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At the Harvest Bridge, there was a cruiser sitting on the nearby field looking at the bridge. I also saw a BPD cruiser at Central Ave on the Milton side of the river. On the other hand, there was a cop (didn’t see the badge, but probably a statie) on patrol in the area on the Boston side. Oddly, I also was passed by a cruiser by Butler way over in Dorchester.

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Sadly they'll be gone in a few days.

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Something between over-saturation and not patrolling at all.

Of course, reading in the papers today, there is also an issue of maintenance on the path. That's broken windows 101.

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The Dorchester Reporter had a story that a dead body was discovered on the bike path adjacent to Mattapan station. Not sure if the body was discovered by kids on the bike path but it was not found by the State, Boston, Transit or Milton police who are supposed to patrol the area.

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It's a path, not a bike path. When I am along the path during the week (which I was yesterday) runners and walkers outnumber cyclists. I mean, it's a great resource for all foot powered modes, but it's not a "bike path" per se.

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How many people are attacked on the Esplanade or somewhere along the Charles? When have they ever locked those parking lots in response? As if keeping cars away will keep criminals out? WTF is that? This is bad policing/policy right here. I bite my tongue before calling it racist or classest but seriously would this happen in Brookline? JP?

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In reply to my link to this post, the parking lot has been getting locked in the past, but at seemingly random times, so this might not actually be in reaction to the attack (or maybe it was, who knows?).

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