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Citizen complaint of the day: Stinky ginkos


A disgusted citizen files a 311 complaint about the stench at Ryan Playground in Dorchester:

These ginkgo trees drop these every fall and they make the whole playground smell like vomit. If you step on them your shoes stink really badly. Can these be picked up and perhaps the trees be replaced?

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Remember that guy in Brighton who would go around killing trees?

Maybe we can get him to just kill stinky ginkgos (stinkgos?)

Why on earth would anyone choose this type of tree for a playground in the first place? A tree that sheds fruit, makes a mess that needs to be cleaned up and stinks? Also, fallen, rotting fruit is a MAGNET for rodents......


These were planted before people could tell the difference between the fruiting and non-fruiting varieties.


Here's a good podcast, though.


I love Outside/In.

probably step on them on purpose, and it's only one weenie complaining.


Stinko ginkos


Anyone wanting to live in a sterile environment should build themselves a bubble. The smell is obnoxious. But it's a necessary metaphor. Reminder that not all in life is under our control or domination. Even if that takes planting the bugger.


Ginkgo biloba trees are attractive enough to be used as specimen plants in your landscaping, particularly because of their golden fall foliage color. They are more tolerant of compacted soil than many other types of trees. They are also disease-resistant and tolerate urban pollution.

Apparently, you can clean up the fruit. So I would ask why Parks and Rec are not cleaning it?


In the playground near my house, they stink bad and even the squirrels stay away from them.

They know what stinky fruit portends.

Land of the gross... ginkos!

there'll be 311 complaints about people sleeping under them.

Gingkos as a species are 250 million years old! Don't take me the wrong way, but you probably need more Asian people in your neighborhood. Gingko fruit are used in Asian cooking and medicine and I have seen many areas picked clean in the past by people who use them.

Could they be harvested for some sensible use or study?

Gingko nuts are edible (not the smelly fruit) and are delicious. They sell this stuff in the local markets. If someone wants to call my mom, she'll gladly pick them up for free.

My guess is they're planted because they flower in the spring, and it was assumed that birds would come and eat all the fruit.

Used to live on a street that had them. Didn't know the proper name so I just called them Shitberries.