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Construction material falls off building and onto woman in the North End

Crane in the North End

The scene. Photo by JraK.

WHDH reports a woman suffered life-threatening injuries this morning after being struck by construction debris, possibly knocked off an Atlantic Avenue building by a construction crane. JraK reports the woman was walking a dog at the time.

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specifically ISD and Public Works does nothing to enforce the protection pedestrians around construction sites throughout the City. Many sites have construction right up to the sidewalk with no overhead protection. The City does not care about it's residents, seriously.

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Its all over the city, and good luck filing a 311 complaint. They will send an inspector out days later, once the work is over and done. People walking by are forced into the busy street or to walk under things that can fall on their head. There are no repercussions because the developer has already completed the work, they got what they want. Money is more important than peoples lives in this city, the greed is disgusting. I voted for Walsh, but won't again unless these developers are put in their place.

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First the trains are out to kill us, road rage, construction sites, guns, knives. And my desk job is slow death. And don't forget the diseased used needles all over the place. Let's be safe and be kind to each other at least.

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That area should've been protected by walkers. Similar to Emerson College on Boylston/Tremont corner where there's overhead protection on the sidewalk.. Just awful for the woman.

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are structures, usually made from Scaffolding, planks and plywood to protect pedestrian and vehicular traffic. New York has strict codes for brows and loads they must endure. Can you imagine a concrete block never mind a steel beam falling just 30 feet?
The City of Boston does not care about your safety.

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Was walking under one of them on a side street in NYC when a bunch of construction materials fell on it. Scared the shit out of me, but was safe due to the shelter.

Sounds like Boston needs them too, and pronto.

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is the dog ok?

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There is a bunch of stuff going on, but the construction crews keep pushing their fence further and further out into the sidewalk, to the point where people in chairs need help going onto the street and back up again.

What they need to do is to just reroute the pedestrian traffic by taking out a car lane (barely needed, if at all) and having ramps up and down for the chair users. Of course, that might inconvenience tens of cars for the sake of thousands of humans.

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There are half dozen construction sites in South Boston right on the edge of the sidewalk or street with no police detail, no fencing and no warning signs about overhead work.
Report it on 311 and all they reply is “Duplicate of an existing case” with no follow up.
This City bites it.

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