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Councilors hold up new zoning-board appointees over pot question

The Charlestown Patriot-Bridge reports the City Council is withholding action on people nominated by Mayor Walsh for seats on the Zoning Board of Appeal until they answer a question about what they'd do if the mayor's office approves pot shops closer to each other than the half mile allowed by city ordinance - as it did earlier this year in East Boston. Proposed pot shops need zoning-board approval.



The half-mile buffer is not an absolute rule. The Zoning Board can choose to override it and allow pot shops within a half-mile of each other. Whether they should or not, different story - personally I think half mile is much too large and is creating geographic monopolies ripe for corruption and favoritism.


over pot shops, and laugh, laugh, laugh.

We have a literal housing crisis happening right now and THIS is what holds up ZBA nominees?

We have a housing crisis and not a single City Council candidate has put forward a housing plan. Instead we get unrealistic nonsense like 50% IDP with zero specifics on how to make any of it happen, or candidates bending over backwards to NIMBYs. Sometimes both! Easier to just rail against evil developers than propose any real solutions.

I guess in Mahty "Car Guy's" defense (can you tell I don't love him?), at least he seems to have some realistic proposals on the table to try to deal with the crisis (mainly the Plan 2030 initiatives). They're not working all that well (permitting numbers are actually down this year), but at least they seem to be connected to reality in some way.

I think that is an economic issue where it’s becoming less and less profitable to develop as costs have increased (land, labor, and materials) and price growth is diminishing.

I don't think price growth is diminishing so much as labor costs and the cost of the permitting process are now outpacing it. Not to mention with things like the South Boston "Interim Planning Overlay District" there are just fewer places to build multi-family projects then there used to be.

Is there a ZBA nominee from Dorchester who's
RE office has exclusive listings with Developers who have their own RE offices. Lol!!! Something beside pot smells funky in Dorchester.