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A crackling good time on the Charles River

Charles River encased in ice

Rick Macomber reports:

The crackle of breaking ice pierces the silence as this boat slowly pushes through the frozen Charles River last night

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I don't see any boat.

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While on a boat.

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The photographer is on dry (well, icy) land and he was taking a long exposure and that white blur at the bottom of the Boston side is the boat.

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I wonder why they were out on the boat on the river in such terrible weather for boating.

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There's a new stormwater outfall under construction along Mem Drive and they've been running a barge out there to float construction equipment and breaking ice to do so. Not sure how long that will last (and this photo looks like it was taken pre-storm, too).

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for the info.

And here I was picturing a mini ice breaker dinner cruise on the Charles will a full Russian meal being served.

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