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Crash shuts intersection of Mass Ave. and Washington Street

Crash at Massachusetts Avenue and Washington Street

Rosabri Mejia came across the crash between a scooter and an SUV at the large intersection around 9 p.m. Live Boston reports the scooter driver was taken away in critical condition.



First I would like to say, to the scooter driver I hope that you recover really quickly and without a whole bunch of pain.

Without knowing the circumstances surrounding this accident I would only like to talk about some scooter drivers reckless driving behavior in the city of Boston.

I pray everyday that none of you all get killed on your scooters because your head is like an egg drop an egg on a hard surface and see what happens that is your head and hurts really bad when you hit your head, hurt more than you can ever ever believe. They are called accidents for a reason is because you don't expect them when they happen they just happen they happened even more if you driving recklessly and dangerously through the street including Running Red Lights ducking in and out of traffic driving on a sidewalk running over little kids getting off the bus hitting old ladies and all this other stuff that is taking place and I was City. We understand you want to have fun and wanting to have drenalin high but you're going to end up killing yourself killing someone else. Go find a skateboard park and have fun

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He was not a reckless scooter driver! He's not one of these teenagers out here. He's a 53 year old man and he's my a dad!!!!!!! Address your concern elsewhere!!!!!!!!

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