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DA: Revere parking-meter technician gave no quarter - because he stole them all from some new city meters

Derek Paradis, 47, Revere's lead parking meter technician, stole 5,508 quarters from seven "smart" parking meters he helped install in 2017, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office charges.

Paradis is scheduled for arraignment tomorrow on a charge of larceny over $250 by single scheme in Chelsea District Court, the DA's office reports.

Paradis was the only city worker with access to the seven new meters, installed as part of a pilot program in August and September, 2017. City records show the meters recorded $1,377 worth of quarters being fed in those two months, but none of that was deposited with the city treasurer's office.

Innocent, etc.



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That's a lot of 1-900 phone calls!

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Almost 69 pounds worth!

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A load of laundry costs me $4.75 to wash and dry at my local laundrymat. That's the only bulk use for quarters in my life.

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you need a lot of laundry.

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I wonder how they ever caught him? Oh right, smart machines, dumb locals.

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For about $1500 this guy lost his job and is facing legal penalties.

This is an intelligence test, right?

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