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DHL apologizes for toss-happy delivery guy in Dorchester

DHL responded this morning:

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If you don't think your package gets handled like this in the sorting location, you are naive. But the original tweet mentioned signature required. Clearly not following their own policies (although tossing the package on camera I'm sure isn't allowed either)

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I see gentle toss onto the shelf, no tumble. Not perfect, maybe an 8. That’s why things are boxed and bubble wrapped.

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news item of our time, everyone is focused on the wrong aspect of this story. The tossing is fine. It was a small box, clearly not heavy, not large electronics (like the famous FedEx flat screen TV over the hedges video) and its not like he football-spiked it for funzies. Also as another poster mentioned this is to be expected, if not by the driver then for sure at the sorting facilities, and this is why various packing materials were invented.

The real BS part of this is the signature required part. When you specify a signature be required it is most likely due to a package being of high value, or high importance. When I order something that way it is because I don't want a box sitting on my stoop all day where someone can grab it, especially in the city. Tossing it on the porch and forging the signature is just plain lazy and shows a lack of respect for the customer, as well as the shipper, who will look bad to the end receiver, and ultimately file a claim against the shipping company if they are able. The fact that this was caught on video is the only reason DHL is apologizing. I can say with utmost confidence they likely deny claims put in by shippers every day where someone claims they didn't get something but "there is a signature" in their tracking system so "not our problem!" I wouldn't even be surprised if drivers are told on the side to do shit like this to speed up efficiency by their managers. Would love to hear the driver's explanation for this.
My FedEx driver at work does this all the time and it enrages me but he continues to do it despite my asking to sign for packages (they are typically high dollar value).

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probably don't help much when it comes to giving drivers the extra time to place a package at the top of the stairs.

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I know nobody wants to see their package handled that way, but let's be honest: that guy nailed it. A nice smooth toss up the stairs, and just a little slide to kill the forward momentum. I'd give it a 9.5/10

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I can't help but be reminded of the Three Stooges short where they had to get a block of ice up a long steep staircase.

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People who sit at desks all day doing nothing monitoring and critiquing people who do actual productive work.

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Out of 4 mind you.

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Update. The Dhl delivery driver was fired yesterday after 29 years of service. He has four children and a grandson he takes care of.

Did he do the right thing? No. Did the customer receive his package? Yes Was it damaged? No. I hope the payoff DHL gave you to remove your video was worth it. By the way how about an update on what dhl gave you to remove your video? Another case of social media bull shit.

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