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Dorchester man murdered in dispute over use of a barbecue grill, prosecutors say

WHDH reports on the arraignment of Shakeem McNeil, for the shooting murder of his neighbor, Carl Brown, on Millet Street in Dorchester Tuesday night.

Innocent, etc.

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The girlfriend started the fight by punching the murder victim and then helped the murderer get away, yet she wasn't arrested?

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That didn’t happen. And it’s not a girlfriend that was his sister.

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What a piece of shit.
Hiding in a motel with his phone on proves he's not exactly a genius.

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Was using the victim's grill, which makes this even worse, if possible. Killed for telling someone not to use your property.

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When the cops came to talk to me they didn’t say anything about why it happened. Finding out that this was all over a grill makes me sick. Not that any other reason would give the situation vitality. The murderer is around my age. I can’t for the fuck of me figure out why a grill was that important. Almost 30 and you are going to shoot someone five times over a Webber... ok

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